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dynamic load balancing


Optimize your EV charging management effortlessly with Evchargo's OCPP-supported software. Enjoy a seamless and hassle-free experience.



Dynamic load balancing optimizes power distribution and real-time data visualization for cost savings and grid efficiency.


Optimize your EV charging with our cloud-based software. Monitor, schedule, and manage stations for 24/7 service and revenue generation, from anywhere.

dynamic load balancing


Evchargo's software boosts revenue. Simplify billing, customize fees, attract users with interactive maps, and ensure safety for a revenue-focused operation.


APP for End-user

Control your EV experience with Evchargo APP. Manage payments, get fast charging, and enjoy transparent pricing for a seamless journey.

home charging management

Home charging management

business charging management

Business charging management

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All DC Chargers

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FAQs for All Solutions

Custom white label EV charging software allows businesses to provide a fully branded and efficient EV charging experience to their customers using existing tools. It offers cost savings, scalability, enhanced customer loyalty, robust data analytics, seamless integration, ongoing support, and compliance with industry standards like OCPP and OCPI. This technology accelerates the launch of EV charging services, ensures a consistent user experience, and fosters trust in the familiar brand, making it a valuable solution for businesses in the EV charging industry.
The Evchargo software system serves as the central nervous system of EV charging operations. It connects and manages all aspects of the EV charging ecosystem for a seamless experience.
For Drivers:
Location and Booking: Users access the Evchargo mobile app, which shows nearby charging stations on a map. They can select a station, check its availability, and even book a slot if needed.
Charging Initiation: Upon arrival at the station, drivers use the app to initiate the charging process. The app communicates with the station through Evchargo’s software, ensuring a secure and user-friendly experience.
Payment and Monitoring: Drivers can pay for their charging session through the app, which securely processes payments. Throughout the charging process, they can monitor progress, including charging speed and energy consumption.
For Operators:
Station Management: Evchargo’s software helps station operators manage their charging stations efficiently. They can monitor the status of each station in real-time, ensuring they are operational and available for users.
Billing and Transactions: The software handles billing and transactions, making it easy for operators to track revenue and manage user accounts.
Maintenance and Optimization: Station operators can schedule maintenance and optimize charging rates through the software, ensuring the stations are always in top condition and offer competitive pricing.
In essence, Evchargo’s software system acts as the bridge between EV drivers and charging stations, simplifying the entire process. It enhances the attractiveness and convenience of electric vehicle ownership by providing essential features for both drivers and station operators, making EV charging accessible, efficient, and user-friendly.
EV charging management software is the driving force behind charging networks, enabling seamless operations, elevating the user experience, fostering scalability, offering critical data insights, ensuring grid stability, aiding maintenance, boosting revenue, and championing sustainability—all pivotal elements for network success and efficiency.
Yes. Evchargo EV charging software system is highly suitable for fleet charging management. It offers robust features for efficient fleet charging, including centralized management, real-time monitoring, billing, data analytics, and the ability to adapt to the specific needs of fleet operators. This makes it an ideal solution for optimizing the charging process, enhancing fleet efficiency, and reducing operational costs.
No, you don’t need specialized knowledge to use user-friendly EV charging management software. It’s designed to be intuitive and easy to navigate, making it accessible for a wide range of users, including station operators, fleet managers, and EV drivers,etc. The user-friendly interface simplifies tasks like monitoring, billing, and maintenance, ensuring a hassle-free experience for all users, regardless of their technical expertise.

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