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turbo series dc charger​

Turbo Series DC Charger

Turbo Series DC Charger, delivering lightning-fast charging speeds ranging from 60-120kW. Designed for high-powered performance, it keeps electric vehicles on the road in no time. Seamlessly integrating with smart grids, it optimizes energy usage and enables remote monitoring and control. The sleek and robust design ensures durability and easy installation in any environment. Equipped with advanced safety features and compatibility with various electric vehicle models, this smart DC charger offers fast, efficient, and future-proof charging.

Remote O&M


Load Balancing



Plug & Play






Smart charging, boosting profits

Increase business efficiency with the Turbo Series. Harness efficient 120kW charging to increase revenue. User-friendly LCD ensures easy activation via Plug&Play, mobile App or RFID card designed for commercial charging.
smart charging boosting profits​
remote o&m cost-saving mastery​

Remote O&M, Save Big

Designed for optimal performance and cost savings. Its advanced features enable seamless remote operation and maintenance, reducing manpower costs.

Your benefits

01. Easy/Convenient

  • Max. 3 Connectors
  • 60-120kW Rated Power
  • 10.1 Color Touch Screen
  • Floor Stand

02. Flexible

  • Connectivity: Wi-Fi/4G/Ethernet/Bluetooth
  • Connectors: CHAdeMO/Type2 Cable/CCS2
  • Start Mode: Plug&Play, RFID Card, App, POS (Optional)
  • Emergency Stop Switch
  • Easy Maintenance Through Modular Design

03. Safety

  • IP54 Ingress Protection
  • IK08 Impact Protection
  • High Cyber Security Protection
  • Muliti Electrical Protection
  • MID Certified

04. Smart Charging

  • Schduled Charging
  • Dynamic Load Management
  • Site Map Charger Finding
  • Charger Authorisation
  • Remote O&M

05. Customizable Branding

  • White Label Service
  • ODM Service
  • OEM Service


Maximum Charging Power
Rated Current
Charge Connector
Start Mode
Safety Protection

FAQs for EN Plus EV Chargers

Charging Fees: You can set charging fees for EV users who use your charger. Depending on local rates, demand, and your location, this can generate a steady stream of revenue.

Attracting Customers: Offer free charging as an incentive to attract more customers to your business. This can encourage people to spend more time and money at your establishment.

Fleet Services: If you have a fleet of electric vehicles, charging them with your own charger can lead to substantial cost savings over time.

Public Charging Network: If your charger is accessible to the public, consider joining a charging network that allows you to receive payments from EV users who use your station.

Government Incentives: In some areas, government incentives or subsidies may be available to businesses that provide charging infrastructure. These incentives can offset installation costs.

Energy Management: Use smart charging solutions to manage and optimize your energy consumption. By charging during off-peak hours or using renewable energy sources, you can reduce operational costs.

Branding and Customer Loyalty: Offering EV charging can enhance your business’s reputation and foster customer loyalty, potentially leading to increased sales and repeat business.

Tax Benefits: Investigate tax incentives and deductions available to businesses that invest in EV charging infrastructure.

Yes, you can choose from CHAdeMO, Type 2 to CCS2

Assuming an electric car consumes 15 kWh of electricity per 100 kilometers, our Turbo Series DC Charger ccan provide the following ranges after 0.5 hour of charging:
60kW version: 100 kilometers
120kW version: 200 kilometers

This product is compatible with all Type 2 EV models.

Guidelines for Your EV Charger

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