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Memo Series Portable Box

Memo Series Portable Box adopts a wire-winding design for space-saving and easy carrying with EVs. It employs comprehensive electrical protection plus IP65 ingress proof and UV resistance to ensure charging safety.


Plug & Play


Easy Carrying, Simple Charging

Compact and lightweight, Memo Series Portable Box seamlessly integrates into your vehicle’s design. Enjoy the convenience of power on the move without compromising style or efficiency.
easy carrying simple charging​

Your benefits

01. Simple to Use

  • Portable, plug & play
    Wire winding design, easy to carry

02. Legible Display Panel

  • Clear LED light indication Charging status identification

03. Robust Structure

  • Corrosion proof IP65 ingress protection

04. Security & Safe

  • Over & residual protection on current, voltage &frequency
    Surge Protection
    Over temperature protection

05. Customizable Branding

  • White Label Service
  • Color Customized Service
  • ODM Service
  • OEM Service


Maximum Charging Power
Charge Connector
Start Mode
Safety Protection

FAQs for EN Plus EV Chargers

Assuming an electric car consumes 15 kWh of electricity per 100 kilometers, our Memo Series Portable Box can provide a range of 23 kilometers after 1 hour of charging.

You are able to monitor our Memo Series Portable Box through the Led Indicator on the charger.

This product is compatible with all Type 2 EV models.

Guidelines for Your EV Charger

Find the right EV charging solution for your business

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Memo Series Portable EV charging Box: No Installing , Plug-to-go | EN Plus

Memo Series Portable EV Charging Box: Plug-and-Play Convenience. Effortlessly charge EVs without the need for installation.

Product Brand: EN Plus

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