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Our Company – EN Plus

EN Plus is found in 2015, which has accumulated rich experience and achievements in R&D of charging stations and obtained over 100 product patents. The R&D Department was officially independent in 2019, the new R&D Testing Center covers an area of 3,000㎡ , and the R&D staff accounts for more than 35%. So far, EN Plus has cooperated with over 160 domestic and foreign brands and operators and undertaken orders for over 120 million charging stations and solutions in more than 40 countries worldwide.

What We Provide

Stable & Quality Performance

Stable & Quality Performance

Quality is our top priority. Our in-house R&D center oversees comprehensive testing, including temperature, humidity, salt spray, water & dustproof, aging, and EMC tests.

Creative Design Scheme

Creative Design Scheme

Our team of experienced designers will work closely with you to develop a creative design scheme that aligns with your vision and requirements.

Fast Customization Cycle

Fast Customization Cycle

We leverage our expertise and resources to expedite the customization process without compromising on quality.

Appropriate Customization Cost

Our pricing is transparent and competitive, ensuring that you receive appropriate customization cost based on the complexity and scope of your project.

Why Choose EN Plus

Strong Adaptability

Comprehensive Certificates

Rich Product Experience

Independent R & D Capability

Comprehensive Product Line

Integration of ICT Technologies

1000+ EV Charging Solutions

1v1 Customer Service

Our Customers’ Success Stories

france 2022

France, 2022

Our tailored 22kW*2 wall-mounted dual AC charging station is designed for residential and commercial use in the European market. It simplifies wiring with a new networking system and offers various versions to meet diverse market demands. Dual-connector interconnection allows flexible allocation based on users' specific needs.


Italy, 2022

We have developed a complete line of AC charging stations for a leading PV company, including 7kW British and European standard, and 11kW products. Our proprietary protocols enable easy adjustment through photovoltaic systems, optimizing solar energy efficiency and reducing electricity costs for our client.


Germany, 2022

By customizing a European standard 11kW AC charger with a client's logo and brand image, we provide easy installation without disassembly, saving time and costs. The second-generation EMS ensures compatibility with the client's first-generation product, while our new light language meets specific market needs.

USA, 2021

At the customer's request, we have customized a branded 120kW DC charging station with enhanced network security through a specially designed encryption chip. This ensures protection of data, ports, and codes. The station also features flexible power distribution between two charging guns to meet different power requirements.


Japan, 2021

We have developed peak charging and random delay features for EV chargers to meet our customers' needs for customized charging experiences. Additionally, we are customizing the Open Charge Point Interface (OCPI) and implementing secure encryption chips to ensure the safety and security of data, ports, and codes at the charging station.

UK, 2020

Our 7kW AC charging station is customized with a precision measuring chip to ensure accuracy while reducing its size. Its IP65-rated structural design enhances both appearance and practicality, making it suitable for home and commercial use.

How EN Plus' Services Work

How EN Plus' Services Work

Negotiating Product Requirements

The initial stage of the collaboration involves a negotiation and clarification process where both parties discuss and define the specific product requirements to establish mutual cooperation intentions.
Following the agreement on product requirements, both parties proceed to determine the quality standards and validate the product samples to ensure they meet the desired specifications.
Once the product samples are approved, both parties enter into an authorization processing agreement, formalizing the partnership and authorizing EN Plus to initiate the manufacturing process.
During production scheduling, we collaborate with our customers to establish a production standard. Upon formal confirmation, EN Plus will provide a sample product for inspection to verify compliance with the agreed-upon standards.
Finally, both parties proceed with the delivery procedures, allowing the customer to choose between pickup service or entrusting EN Plus with the delivery on their behalf.


We require detailed information about your charging needs, such as charging speed, voltage, power, etc. If you have specific technical specifications, please provide them to us.

The timeline for the EVSE customization project depends on its specific requirements and the current project schedule. Typically, the project takes at least 5 weeks to complete.
What kind of design drawings do I need to provide?
We require design drawings regarding the charging station’s size, shape, material, and color. If you don’t have these drawings, we can provide design services for you.
Yes, we offer a wide range of EV Chargers that have a proven track record of stability and reliability. You can select the one that best suits your requirements and conduct initial testing.
I’m not familiar with the EV charging field. Can I customize EVSE?
Don’t worry. We have many clients who are new to this field. We will communicate with you in detail and provide professional product suggestions.
Yes, you are welcome to visit our factory in Shenzhen, China. Many customers are impressed by our production capacity and management efficiency. However, please note that visits to our factory are by appointment only. Therefore, please confirm the visiting date with our sales personnel before making travel arrangements.
Yes, you can easily manage and allocate charging costs to multiple users with our advanced EV Charger software. Our software offers flexible and customizable billing options, allowing you to set up user accounts and assign charging costs based on individual usage. This ensures a fair and transparent billing process for all users.

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