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Mobox Series DC Charger

The Mobox Series DC charger features an integrated design with compact dimensions. It can be adapted to different connectors for different market applications. In addition, it can be supported with movable wheels, this design allows for quick power connection, easy mobility and convenient vehicle transport.

Remote O&M


Load Balancing



Plug & Play






Supports flexible deployment

Mobox Series is available in 3 different versions: wall-mount, pount-mount, and movable. Thereinto, the movable version is specifically designed for Fleet enterprises, enabling more flexible and convenient charging solutions.

Safe & Fast Charging

100km in 30 mins. Compliant with OCPP Json1.6, global safety standards. High-level safety protection and multi-dimensional security ensure customer data safety.

Your benefits

01. Easy/Convenient

  • Multi-connector Choices:CCS2/CHAdeMO/GB/CCS1
  • 30-40kW Rated Power
  • 10.1 Color Touch Screen
  • Wall-mount/Pole-mount/Movable

02. Flexible

  • Connectivity:Wi-Fi/4G/Ethernet/Bluetooth
  • Start Mode: Plug&Play, RFID Card, App, POS (Optional)
  • Emergency Stop Switch
  • Easy Maintenance Through Modular Design

03. Safety

  • IP55 Ingress Protection
  • IK10 Impact Protection
  • High Cyber Security Protection
  • Muliti Electrical Protection

04. Smart Charging

  • Schduled Charging
  • Dynamic Load Management
  • Site Map Charger Finding
  • Charger Authorisation
  • Remote O&M

05. Customizable Branding

  • White Label Service
  • ODM Service
  • OEM Service


Maximum Charging Power
Charge Connector
Start Mode
Safety Protection

FAQs for EN Plus EV Charger

Cost-Efficiency: Low-power DC chargers are typically less expensive to install and operate compared to high-power DC chargers. This can be especially beneficial for smaller businesses or those with budget constraints.
Compatibility: Many electric vehicles are designed to accept a range of charging speeds, including lower-power options. A 40kW charger is still suitable for most daily charging needs, making it compatible with a wide variety of EV models.
Energy Savings: Lower-power chargers are more energy-efficient, as they draw less electricity from the grid. This can result in lower electricity bills, especially if the charger is used frequently.
Reduced Demand Charges: In some commercial settings, high-power charging stations can lead to demand charges from the utility company. Using a 40kW charger may help businesses avoid or reduce these charges.
Flexibility: A lower-power charger can be a versatile addition to your business, as it can be used for both employee and customer charging, making it a practical choice for various use cases.
Scalability: If you need to expand your charging infrastructure in the future, it’s often easier and more cost-effective to add additional low-power chargers rather than high-power ones.
Assuming an electric car consumes 15 kWh of electricity per 100 kilometers, our Turbo Series DC Charger ccan provide the following ranges after 0.5 hour of charging:
30kW version: 50 kilometers
40kW version: 66 kilometers
This product is compatible with all Type 2 EV models.

Guidelines for Your EV Charger

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