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Power Module

EN Plus 30kW DC power module is a high-efficiency solution for large EV chargers. It has a wide output voltage range for compatibility with all EV models, unique protection design for reliability, and remote OTA function to reduce operating costs. It is TÜV CE certified and meets EMC CLASS B requirements for safety and quality.

96.2% efficiency

6kW standby power

High Efficiency

96.2% maximum operation efficiency 6kW low standby power The optimal THD index can reach 1.7%
power module high efficiency
power module strong reliability

Strong Reliability

Multiple protection: conformal coating + PVAC + power transistor bushing + dustproof Pass 200-days simulation test of the harsh seaside environment

Your benefits

01. Smart

  • Intelligent Customized Service
  • Efficient Operation & Maintenance
  • Supporting Predictive Maintenance

02. Robust Structure

  • Corrosion proof
    Power Transistor Bushing & Dustproof
  • IP20 Protection

03. Security & Safe

  • Over & residual protection on current, voltage &frequency
    Surge Protection
  • Over temperature protection
  • THD<5%
  • Environmental Tests

04. Customizable Branding

  • White Label Service
  • Color Customized Service
  • ODM Service
  • OEM Service


Maximum Charging Power
Electrical Parameter
Start Mode
Safety Protection

FAQs for EN Plus EV Chargers

Yes,our power module is designed to be compatible with various types of DC charging stations.
Yes, our power module undergoes rigorous testing and adheres to safety standards. It is engineered to provide a safe charging experience, meeting regulatory requirements and industry safety standards. Users can rely on the power module’s safety features during operation.
Yes, the warranty for a single power module is 2 years.

Guidelines for Your EV Charger

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