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Vita Series Business Wallbox

Vita Series Business Wallbox prioritizes safety and efficiency, complying with UK’s EVSCP & EU standards. It seamlessly integrates into any setup. Effortlessly manage your charging through the cloud platform and remote maintenance. The sleek design ensures easy installation, while Wi-Fi & Ethernet connectivity enables convenient control via the mobile app. Rest assured, the MID certified energy meter guarantees the utmost accuracy in your charging experience.

Remote O&M


PV Charging

Load Balancing



Plug & Play






Charge Smart, Profit In

Unlock Business Efficiency with Vita Series. Experience efficient charging up to 22kW, boosting revenue for businesses. The user-friendly LCD display ensures easy activation through Plug&Play, mobile App, or RFID card—perfectly tailored to meet commercial charging needs.
energize your charging safety

Energize Your Charging Safety

Attained global certifications. Its security protocols provide high-level protection, established against the ESTI EN 303 645 certificate, facilitating the secure handling of personal data whilst charging EVs.

Your benefits

01. Easy/Convenient

  • Max. 10kg Light Weight
  • 10min Quick Installation
  • Wall-mount/Pole-mount(Optional)
  • Type 2 Cable/Socket

02. Flexible

  • Connectivity: WiFi/4G/Ethernet/Bluetooth
  • Cable Length: 4m/7m(Optional)
  • Start Mode: Plug&Play, RFID Card, App
  • Rated Power: 7kW/22kW

03. Safety

  • IP54 Ingress Protection
  • IK08 Impact Protection
  • ESTI EN 303 645 Cyber Security Protection
  • Multi Electrical Protection
  • MID Certified

04. Smart Charging

  • Scheduled Charging
  • Dynamic Load Management
  • Site Map Charger Finding
  • Charger Authorisation

05. Customizable Branding

  • White Label Service
  • Color Customized Service
  • Enclosure Design
  • ODM Service
  • OEM Service

06. PV Charging

  • 0 emission PV charging
  • Simple integration with PV systems
  • Adjustable current for optimized PV usage
  • Saving from electricity bills


Maximum Charging Power
Charge Connector
Start Mode
Safety Protection

FAQs for EN Plus EV Chargers

Charging Fees: You can set charging fees for EV users who use your charger. Depending on local rates, demand, and your location, this can generate a steady stream of revenue.

Attracting Customers: Offer free charging as an incentive to attract more customers to your business. This can encourage people to spend more time and money at your establishment.

Fleet Services: If you have a fleet of electric vehicles, charging them with your own charger can lead to substantial cost savings over time.

Public Charging Network: If your charger is accessible to the public, consider joining a charging network that allows you to receive payments from EV users who use your station.

Government Incentives: In some areas, government incentives or subsidies may be available to businesses that provide charging infrastructure. These incentives can offset installation costs.

Energy Management: Use smart charging solutions to manage and optimize your energy consumption. By charging during off-peak hours or using renewable energy sources, you can reduce operational costs.

Branding and Customer Loyalty: Offering EV charging can enhance your business’s reputation and foster customer loyalty, potentially leading to increased sales and repeat business.

Tax Benefits: Investigate tax incentives and deductions available to businesses that invest in EV charging infrastructure.

Assuming an electric car consumes 15 kWh of electricity per 100 kilometers, our Vita Series Business Wallbox can provide the following ranges after 1 hour of charging:
7kW version: 46 kilometers
22kW version: 138 kilometers

This product is compatible with all Type 2 EV models.

Guidelines for Your EV Charger

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