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Core Features

The Evchargo App has achieved a high level of integration with the Evchargo Cloud platform, with the goal of creating a universal smart charging app for both home and public use. This will contribute to sustainable development and drive the global EV industry towards greater intelligence.

Smart Charging

Track and monitor the EV charging session and fees remotely.

Schedule Charging

Set charging schedules to charge your EV any time you want.

Dynamic Load Balancing

Save on electricity bills by balancing your home's electricity use.

Flexible Charging Options

Set charging schedules to charge your EV any time you want.

Share Charging

Share your own EV charger with your friends and the community.

C-end Operation Video

How to bind your EV charger?

How to set your EV charger?

How to start charging?

How to start charging in business scenario?

How to view the charging records?

Connect EV chargers with our Evchargo software


Absolutely! Evchargo App enables users to schedule charging, making the most of off-peak electricity rates or ensuring the vehicle is charged precisely when needed. But that’s not all – Evchargo App offers a range of additional features for electric vehicle users:
  1. Real-time Charging Status: Keep tabs on your charging session’s progress in real-time, adding a layer of convenience to your experience.
  2. Payment and Billing: Streamline the payment process for charging services directly within the App, providing a hassle-free way to settle electricity costs.
  3. Location and Availability: Effortlessly find charging stations nearby and check their availability through the App, ensuring you’re always in the know.
  4. Notifications: Stay well-informed about your charging session with timely alerts and notifications sent directly to the App.
  5. User Account Management:Manage your account settings, preferences, and vehicle information seamlessly through the user-friendly interface of the Evchargo App. Enjoy effortless control over your electric vehicle charging experience!
Yes, Evchargo App is designed to be compatible with various electric vehicle models.

Evchargo ensures data and communications security through a number of measures, as outlined in the OCPP White Paper Profile 3 and in compliance with the requirements of the UK 2023 Network Security Protocol:

1. Payment security – The security of user information during payment is prioritised. Payment transactions are processed by Stripe, which ensures that personal payment information is not stored within the Evchargo App.
2. Certificates for protection – Evchargo uses three essential certificates: firmware certificate, root certificate and communication certificate. – The root certificate verifies the authenticity and trustworthiness of the communication and firmware certificates. If verification fails, communication and firmware upgrades are not allowed. – The firmware certificate encrypts remote firmware upgrades, ensuring data security during the upgrade process. – The communication certificate encrypts data exchanged between charging stations and the platform, ensuring the security of communication data.

These security measures are in line with industry standards and protocols to protect user information and ensure the integrity and confidentiality of data within the Evchargo App.

The Evchargo software system serves as the central nervous system of EV charging operations. It connects and manages all aspects of the EV charging ecosystem for a seamless experience.
For Drivers:
Location and Booking: Users access the Evchargo mobile app, which shows nearby charging stations on a map. They can select a station, check its availability, and even book a slot if needed.
Charging Initiation: Upon arrival at the station, drivers use the app to initiate the charging process. The app communicates with the station through Evchargo’s software, ensuring a secure and user-friendly experience.
Payment and Monitoring: Drivers can pay for their charging session through the app, which securely processes payments. Throughout the charging process, they can monitor progress, including charging speed and energy consumption.

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