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Cubo Series AC Charger has 2 outputs for charging 2 EVs simultaneously. This design effectively increases the utilization rate of EV charging. Regarding the global commercial demands, Cubo Series AC Charger adopts MID certified meter, built-in RCD, and 6mA DC leakage detection to ensure the accuracy and safety of EV charging. In addition, Cubo Series have been cooperating with OCPP 1.6 protocol(OCPP 2.0 is optional). It allows the operation and maintenance of multiple chargers within one cloud platform. The integrative system of Cubo Series provides business EV charging solutions with high reliability and efficiency.

  • OCPP Capable
    • OCPP 1.6 protocol(OCPP 2.0 is optional) integration

    • Cloud platform operation & maintenance 

  • Creative Design
    • 2 outputs within 1 charger

    • Space saving floor standing design

    • Color & slogan customization

  • Flexible Functional Options
    • 2x7kW / 2x22kW

    • App operation / RFID Authentication / Plug-To-Go

  • Secure & Safety
    • RCD Type A & 6mA DC residual current protection

    • MID certified energy meter accurate measurement

    • Galvanized steel housing material design adapts to corrosion weather

Compatible Universality
with Cubo

Applicable to all Type 2 Socket EV models.
Corrosion Proofed
Corrosion Proofed
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Brand Customizing Design
Brand Customizing Design
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Simultaneous EV Charging
Simultaneous EV Charging
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