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Home Charging Solution

  • Smart Charging
  • Easy to Use & Install
  • 3.5kW to 22kW


Business Charging Solution

  • Custom Branding
  • Enhance Your Business
  • 7 kW to 300kW


Fast Charging Solution

  • Scalable
  • Safe & Reliable
  • 30kW to 240kW


Advanced Technology in Our EV Charging Solution

dynamic load balancing

Dynamic Load Balancing

EV chargers with Dynamic Load Balancing (DLB) intelligently distribute power to prevent overloads and ensure efficient, safe charging at home, in commercial areas, and public stations



OCPP-compatible EV chargers enable seamless software integration, transmitting real-time data for efficient station management. Supports remote monitoring, control, and ensures optimal user experience. Currently on version 1.6, upgradeable to 2.0.1.

PV charging

EV chargers with PV charging utilize solar energy for zero-emission EV charging, reducing fossil fuel reliance. This eco-friendly solution supports renewable energy adoption for a cleaner environment. Committed to meeting demands of eco-conscious consumers.

Our customer

all AC chargers

All AC Chargers

EN Plus' AC chargers are suitable for both home and commercial use.

All DC Chargers

All DC Chargers

An investment in DC chargers can help grow your business.



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FAQs for All Solutions

Electric Vehicle (EV) charging stations offer several benefits for businesses:

  • Attracting Customers: Installing EV charging stations can attract EV owners to your business, such as restaurants, shopping centers, and hotels, encouraging them to visit and stay longer.
  • Increased Foot Traffic: EV drivers often spend time near charging stations while their vehicles charge, potentially leading to increased foot traffic and sales for nearby businesses.
  • Susainability: Supporting EV adoption aligns with sustainability goals, demonstrating your commitment to reducing carbon emissions and promoting clean energy.
  • Competitive Advantage: Offering EV charging can give your business a competitive edge, especially as more consumers choose electric vehicles.
  • Customer Loyalty: Providing a convenient charging option can foster customer loyalty, as EV owners may return to your establishment for charging needs.
  • Public Relations: EV charging stations can enhance your business’s public image, showcasing your commitment to environmental responsibility.
  • Additional Revenue: Depending on your business model, you may generate revenue from charging fees or offer charging as a complimentary service to customers.
  • Employee Benefits: Workplace charging can be a valuable perk for employees who drive EVs, aiding recruitment and retention.

Overall, EV charging stations can benefit businesses by attracting customers, boosting sales, promoting sustainability, and enhancing their competitive position in a rapidly changing automotive landscape.

Home chargers can be used to charge a wide range of electric vehicles (EVs). They are compatible with various types of electric vehicles, including:
  1. Battery Electric Vehicles (BEVs): These EVs run solely on electric power and have no internal combustion engine. Examples include the Tesla Model 3 and Nissan Leaf.
  2. Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles (PHEVs): PHEVs have both electric and gasoline engines. They can operate in electric-only mode for a certain distance before switching to gasoline. Examples include the Toyota Prius Prime and Ford Escape PHEV.
  3. Extended-Range Electric Vehicles (EREVs): EREVs have an electric motor that drives the wheels, but they also have a gasoline generator to extend their range when the battery is depleted. The Chevrolet Volt is an example of an EREV.
  4. Hybrid Electric Vehicles (HEVs): While not typically charged externally, some HEVs have a plug for limited electric-only driving. Most HEVs use regenerative braking to charge their batteries and do not require external charging. Examples include the Toyota Prius and Honda Insight.
Managing your business charging station effectively is crucial for its smooth operation and customer satisfaction. Here’s how you can achieve this:
  • User Access Control: Implement user access controls to ensure only authorized individuals or vehicles can use your charging station. This can include methods like RFID cards or mobile apps for authentication.
  • Reservation System: Offer a reservation system that enables users to schedule charging sessions in advance. This helps with planning and ensures availability when needed.
  • Charging Scheduling: Utilize charging scheduling features if available, allowing you to set specific times for charging to optimize energy usage and cost savings.
  • Pricing and Billing: Establish clear pricing for your charging services, whether it’s based on kWh or hourly rates. Ensure transparency in billing and provide multiple payment options like credit cards and mobile payments.
  • Remote Monitoring: Use remote monitoring and management software to track usage, detect issues, and perform maintenance tasks remotely for efficient operations.
  • Usage Reports: Provide users and administrators with detailed reports on their charging history, costs, and energy consumption for transparency and budgeting.
  • Customer Support: Offer accessible customer support channels, such as a helpline or email, to assist users with any questions or issues related to the charging station.
  • Maintenance Alerts: Implement an alert system that promptly notifies you of any maintenance or technical issues with the charging station, ensuring timely resolution.
  • User Notifications: Keep users informed about their charging session status through mobile apps or email, including notifications when charging is complete or if there are delays.
  • Feedback Mechanism: Encourage users to provide feedback, allowing you to continuously enhance the charging station’s service and address any concerns or suggestions.

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