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New Product Releases: 30kW DC EV Charger

Last Updated: 15/07/2024

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New Product Releases: 30kW DC EV Charger

Following the successful application of 20kW wall-mounted DC EV charger, EN Plus released the 30kW wall-mounted DC EV charger: corebox series. It has higher charging current and higher time efficiency for safe charging in both outdoor and indoor environments. Let’s take a look.

corebox 30kW ev charger

Colour Aesthetics – Serene White + Premium Gray

The white color symbolizes purity and tranquility, and with the elegant and restrained atmosphere of high-grade gray gives a simple, uncluttered and charming visual feeling. The classic color scheme of white and gray perfectly illustrates the simplest but most timeless color aesthetics.

Material Selection, High Quality

The whole machine shell is made of galvanized steel, with stable structure, high compressive strength, corrosion resistance and rust prevention. The surface of the sand grain process, delicate and beautiful, touch feel better. Interactive interface with the use of double arc black tempered glass panel, not only hard and solid, more simple and generous.

Detailed Design, More Humane

The whole metal structure are rounded transition and no sharp edges to prevent damage to the body due to bumping. The air inlet and outlet on the left and right sides of the EV charger are designed to dissipate heat, which adapts to a wider range. The emergency stop switch at the bottom of the right side adopts a concave design to prevent misoperation and false triggering. The product comes standard with a charging connector socket to prevent damage caused by random placement of the cable.

Functional Configuration, Stable and Reliable

  • Support multiple payment and charging methods such as credit card, WeChat scan code, APP charging, VIN code recognition, etc.
  • Support wall-mounted and pole-mounted installation, which can be adapted to different application scenarios of customers.
  • Low standby power consumption and significant energy saving, which is far lower than products of the same level in the industry.
  • Adopt functional modular design with flexible architecture and strong functional expandability.
  • Protection level of IP54, which is higher than industry standards and competing products in the same class.
  • Industrial-grade components in the core, designed to last up to 15 years.
  • Nine electrical protection features to ensure the use of safe and reliable.
  • Integrated platform monitoring, operation management, status query, fault repair, remote upgrade and other functions.

corebox dc charger

The 30kW wall-mounted DC EV charger adopts 4G communication solution to achieve single-pile networking function without additional network cable arrangement, which greatly reduces construction difficulty, delivery time and cost. It is fully applicable to operation sites with wide distribution and low charger group density and it mainly focuses on DC charger fast power replenishment scenario.

30kW power is not large, so it does not need additional transformation of power grid, and can meet the market vacancy of fast power replenishment. At the same time, it supports different installation methods of wall-mounted and pole-mounted, with compact size and small space occupation, which is suitable for more application scenarios such as old neighborhoods, industrial parks, commercial centers, schools and attractions or individual families. It supports centralized management and maintenance of charger groups through networking and one-key upgrade to effectively improve operational efficiency.

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