3 Benefits for Hotels with Electric Car Charging Points

Three Benefits of EV Charging for Hotel Owners

Last Updated: 20/06/2024

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Three Benefits of EV Charging for Hotel Owners

Table of Contents

Hotel owners typically consider incorporating ancillary services such as complimentary Wi-Fi and shuttle buses to gain a competitive edge in the industry. With the increasing popularity of electric vehicles, integrating electric vehicle (EV) chargers into their properties has emerged as a novel approach to attract a growing cohort of eco-conscious travellers, enrich the overall guest experience, solidify a competitive advantage in the industry and ultimately meet sustainability goals.

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Global sales of electric vehicles (EVs) reached a significant milestone, reaching 10 million units and tripling their market share compared to just three years earlier. This surge underlines the growing consumer demand for EVs. The growing need for EV charging infrastructure creates a strategic opportunity for hotels to adopt the installation of EV charging points, offering a path to multiple benefits.And here are the main three benefits for hotels with electric car charging points.

Why Do EV Charging Points Matter to Hotels?

In the rapidly evolving landscape of travel and hospitality, staying ahead of the curve is crucial for hotels looking to attract and retain guests. One emerging trend that cannot be ignored is the increasing adoption of electric vehicles (EVs). As more people switch to EVs, their need for convenient charging solutions grows. For hotels, this presents an opportunity to enhance guest experiences, generate additional revenue, and boost their sustainability credentials. Here’s why installing EV charging points is essential for hotels today.

Meeting Increasing Charging Needs of Individuals

With the surge in EV adoption, travelers now expect hotels to provide accessible charging options.

EV owners plan their trips around charging availability. Statistics show that nearly 83% of global EV drivers now consider EV charging to be either non-negotiable or a critical amenity when choosing a hotel.

Most of online booking platforms now offer the ability to filter only those properties with EV charging. This streamlined process allows EV drivers to make informed choices.

In this case, hotels equipped with EV charging points can become a top choice for the majority of customers.

Moreover, installing EV charging stations at hotels can alleviate range anxiety—a common concern among EV drivers about the distance their vehicle can travel before needing a recharge.

Therefore, hotels with electric car charging points can significantly enhance guest satisfaction and loyalty, ensuring that their establishment stands out in a competitive market. Offering EV charging as an amenity demonstrates a hotel’s commitment to providing a comprehensive and modern guest experience.

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Creating Additional Revenue for Hotels

As well as satisfying your loyal customers, there’s also an opportunity to attract new ones. By installing EV charge points at your location, you can open it up to the public and feature it prominently on the public EV charging map. This increased visibility can make your location a sought-after destination for EV drivers who may not be familiar with your establishment.

For EV drivers, hotels with electric car charging points enable them to charge their EVs overnight. They can get a good night’s sleep while their vehicle gets a full eight hours of charging. In cases where charging extends beyond this, EV drivers may choose to dine in your hotel restaurant or purchase a souvenir from the lobby shop. This translates into additional revenue for your hotel business, with the length of the customer’s stay directly correlated to the increased opportunities they have to enjoy your offerings.

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Enhancing Environmental Reputation and Sustainability Efforts

Incorporating hotels with electric car charging points also enhances a hotel’s environmental reputation.

As awareness of climate change and sustainability issues grows, travelers are increasingly choosing businesses that demonstrate environmental responsibility. By offering EV charging stations, hotels position themselves as forward-thinking and eco-friendly, appealing to a demographic that values sustainability. This commitment can improve the hotel’s brand image and attract eco-conscious guests.

Additionally, supporting the shift to electric vehicles aligns with broader environmental goals, potentially qualifying the hotel for green certifications and incentives. By contributing to the reduction of carbon emissions, hotels can play a part in promoting sustainable tourism.

Explore New Possibilities with En Plus

Understanding the necessity of incorporating hotels with electric car charging points is just the beginning; the next challenge is determining ‘how’ to proceed.

Effectively launching your EV charging business means finding a solution that is tailored to your specific needs. Navigating the intricacies and potential hidden costs associated with a successful EV charging venture can be difficult. This is where a reliable EV charging service provider becomes essential.

At EN Plus, we present a comprehensive solution designed to quickly establish and operate your EV charging system, positioning your hotels as attractive destinations for EV drivers.

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