EN Plus product achieves CHAdeMO certification

EN Plus product achieves CHAdeMO certification again, enhancing the 50kW DC charger experience

Last Updated: 11/06/2024

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EN Plus product achieves CHAdeMO certification again, enhancing the 50kW DC charger experience

Recently, EN Plus announced another achievement. Three months after its DC120K Turbo Series DC Charger received CHAdeMO certification in March 2024, its 50kW Turbo Series DC Charger has also passed the CHAdeMO certification test and officially received the certification.

CHAdeMO Certification

The Japanese government has set a target of 100% electric vehicle (EV) sales for new passenger cars by 2035. It plans to increase the number of charging infrastructure, including public fast chargers, to 300,000 by 2030 to provide the same convenience as gasoline-powered cars. By December 2023, cumulative sales of new electric vehicles (EVs) and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs) will reach 140,295 units.

Data source:Japan Automobile Dealers Association
Chart source:[https://ev.gogo.gs/news/detail/1713156743/]

In 2023, Japan’s Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry announced plans to increase the number of EV charging stations nationwide to 300,000 by 2030. The government has also increased the subsidy budget for the construction of charging infrastructure to 36 billion yen in 2024 to support the rapid construction of local charging infrastructure. From April 2025, regulations will require new buildings of a certain size to install EV charging facilities.
Chart source:[https://ev.gogo.gs/news/detail/1713156743/]

EN Plus’ newly launched DC050K Turbo Series DC Charger offers a maximum output power of 50kW per unit. The product meets the latest CHAdeMO Rev 2.0.2 certification standards, supports multiple communication methods including Ethernet and 4G, and is compatible with the OCPP 1.6 Json communication protocol. The modular design enables remote operation and maintenance, effectively reducing maintenance time and costs. With an IP55 rating for dust, water and salt corrosion resistance, the product can withstand harsh weather conditions and has an extended service life, maximising operational economic benefits. It also supports customisable configurations such as gun line assist and POS terminals to meet the diverse needs of different scenarios.
50kW DC Charger Introduction

As the electric vehicle market continues to evolve, there is an urgent need for more efficient charging solutions, and high-power DC charging stations are the answer. EN Plus’ rapid introduction of the Turbo Series DC120K and DC050K high-power charging solutions for the Japanese market, which have successfully passed CHAdeMO certification tests, demonstrates the company’s ability to meet Japan’s charging needs and provide users with a more convenient charging experience.

In the future, EN Plus aims to provide a more convenient charging experience for EV users through advanced technology and more flexible and efficient services, thus continuously promoting the widespread adoption of electric mobility.

About CHAdeMO
CHAdeMO is one of the most widely adopted DC charging standards, enabling seamless communication and power transfer between electric vehicles and charging stations. Founded in 2010 by Japan’s five major automakers and Tokyo Electric Power Company, it has grown into a global association with more than 400 members.

About EN Plus
Founded in 2015, EN Plus is a global supplier of EV charging facilities and software system. It has been deeply involved in the field of EV charging facilities and integrated solutions for many years. Its products include AC chargers, DC chargers, power modules and software platforms, and have received international standard certifications such as China’s CQC, Europe’s CE, America’s UL and Japan’s CHAdeMO. EN Plus products and services are available in more than 30 provinces in China and more than 40 countries and regions worldwide.

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