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Why should Businesses Use EV Charging Management Software?

Last Updated: 15/07/2024

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Why should Businesses Use EV Charging Management Software?

Why CMS is Essential for Everyone

EV Charging Management Software (CMS) is a crucial tool for fleet operators, charging operators, and others involved in electric vehicle charging operations. Its reliability, scalability, and seamless integration with existing systems are fundamental aspects.

ev charging software

In the realm of EV charging, the CMS acts as a central hub, directly linked to EV chargers. It not only monitors charging activities but also efficiently manages the network’s power consumption. With the ability to adjust charger behavior within defined parameters, the CMS helps achieve specific objectives.

Operating as a fully automated system, the CMS requires minimal human attention but can provide critical alerts when needed. Beyond basic monitoring, modern EV charging systems equipped with CMS functionalities contribute to optimizing overall charging site operations.

For instance, when the charging site operates with time-variable energy prices (such as Time-of-Use rates or demand charges), the CMS intelligently reduces the charger’s energy consumption during peak-cost periods.

In the following discussion, we will explore the core functionalities, benefits, and various use cases of CMS, helping you assess its necessity for implementation.

Core CMS Functionalities for EV Charging

With Core CMS, you gain the power to manage and oversee your EV charging stations effortlessly. You can easily verify users, keeping your charging network secure. Keep a close eye on energy consumption to make informed decisions and receive real-time transaction data to monitor usage. Our software ensures a seamless payment process, giving your customers a hassle-free experience. It also provides robust access control and remote diagnostics so that you can troubleshoot any issues from afar. In a nutshell, Core CMS is the ultimate solution for making your EV charging operations efficient and user-friendly.

Energy Management & Utility Integration

Efficiently manage the power consumption of chargers and the entire site. Smart Charging enables optimization of site operations, responding to utility signals for demand response (DR events). Additionally, it adapts to variable energy prices, such as Time-of-Use rates or Spot Pricing. Energy Management extends control to external sources like building loads, solar power, and batteries, enhancing control over the overall site’s power consumption.

energy management & utility integration

Fleet Optimization Vehicle Telematics

Facilitate fleet management by providing comprehensive data on chargers and vehicles. Fleet operators gain visibility into charging power, vehicle state of charge (SoC), and schedules, ensuring smoother charging operations.

facilitate fleet management

Hardware Monitoring

Implement extensive real-time monitoring of on-site charging hardware. Detect and address typical hardware errors promptly, such as broken parts, communication issues, OCPP messages, or firmware errors, to minimize downtime.

Access Control

access control

Control access to charging stations to manage energy costs. Authenticate users through various methods, including RFID cards, credit cards, mobile apps, or vehicle identifiers. This feature enables restricting access to defined user groups, ensuring cost-effective operations.

Control access to charging stations to manage energy costs. Authenticate users through various methods, including RFID cards, credit cards, mobile apps, or vehicle identifiers. This feature enables restricting access to defined user groups, ensuring cost-effective operations.

Alert System & Troubleshooting

alert system and troubleshooting

Deploy an alert system that notifies customers of hardware, charging or operational issues. Alerts can be delivered via email, text, or the CMS dashboard, empowering customers to troubleshoot issues promptly. This proactive approach enhances operational efficiency and user experience.

How to choose the best Charging Management Software for your operations?

Selecting the best Charging Management Software (CMS) for your operations involves considering various factors, such as charging point type and location. CMS serves diverse use cases, including significant combined charging locations (e.g., commercial parking lots, fleet depots) and individual EV charging points at residential locations. Here are key considerations for specific use cases:

Fleet Operations

fleet charging

Example Scenario: Managing a bus fleet with fast DC chargers to ensure quick vehicle turnaround for the next shift.
Key CMS Features:
– Vehicle telematics integration.
– Load balancing capabilities for fleets.

Public Charging

parking pulic charging

Example Scenario: Offering public charging outside a supermarket.
Key CMS Features:
– Managing both charger and building power consumption to avoid oversubscription.
– Dynamic load balancing to prevent power outages.
– Payment methods for users.

Household PV Charging

home charging

Example Scenario: Striving for PV charging operations, requiring access to renewable energies for your home.
Key CMS Features:
– Integrating solar energy and batteries for clean energy utilization.
– Close management of charging operations to ensure readiness for shifts.
– Preventing your home and charging loads from exceeding site power capabilities.

CMS improves the charging experience

Effectively managing EV charging operations has become more intricate with the rise of renewable energy initiatives, dynamic pricing like spot pricing and Time-of-Use (TOU) rates, and increasing demands on the electric grid.
EN Plus’s specialized software employs optimization algorithms to empower users to establish a dependable and efficient charging infrastructure. Our software offers dynamic load sharing, energy cost optimization, seamless integration with vehicle schedules, Demand Response (DR) participation, building load optimization, and efficient solar energy utilization.
The software integrates various optimization objectives and deploys multi-objective algorithms to cater to diverse customer needs. EN Plus Evchargo software ensures a hassle-free and streamlined approach to charging operations, enhancing reliability and overall efficiency.

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