Charging Solution for Dedicated Hubs

The charging solution is suitable for parking lots such as buses and sanitation vehicles. There are a large number of electric vehicles parked centrally in the station, which requires orderly charging. Buses belong to operational vehicles and have high requirements for safe charging such as fast recharging and night recharging. EN Plus is based on the split-type series charging products with four connectors, providing diversified solutions for customers in the public transportation industry, which can realize the rapid and flexible deployment of the charging system.


EN Plus’ solution is also equipped with a charging operation management system platform, which can not only meet the management needs of charging station operators, but also facilitate terminal users to grasp charging information in a timely manner. Operators can connect the charging stations through multiple communication methods such as Ethernet, 4G, CAN, etc.,  which can facilitate centralized management and control of the charging management platform.

Good Points:

1. High flexibility System, the charging stations can be directly connected to the cloud platform via Ethernet or wireless.

2. Quickly recharge during the day and charge slowly at night, using the trough period to charge, reducing the cost of EV charging.

3. The number of charging connectors can be flexibly configured according to the needs of electric vehicles in the station, which can reduce the operation of reversing and charging at night and reduce labor costs.

4. Low-power charging at night can extend car battery life and reduce operating costs.

5. Convenient expansion. With the development of the bus company’s operations, in order to meet the demand for new electric vehicles charging, the number of chargers can be increased. It not only ensures the original investment, but also ensures the consistency of charging equipment, reducing the number of Investment.

6. The charging terminal can output power on demand. The fixed output and dynamic output can be combined to adapt to the charging needs of different batteries and different models, and improve the power utilization of the overall system.

7. The modular configuration of the system makes the construction of the charging station system more convenient and economical

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