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  • Why Choose EN+?

    Why Choose EN+?

    EN+ provides variety of EV chargers includes 7kw, 22kw and 44kw etc. capable to meet customized requirements.    Chargers comply to OCPP protocol, perfectly compatible with different types of EVs, Wall-mount and Floor stand installation method for optional and provides 2years warranty in free f...
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  • New publish

    New publish

    1. Smart Home Series: With built-in WIFI communication, the charger is capable to be used with an APP to monitoring and controling the charging remotely at home. Single-phase 7KW and Three-phase 11KW can be provided, a good choice for private usage.   2. Business Series: With the built-in ...
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  • Make a long journey in pursuit of dreams

    Make a long journey in pursuit of dreams

    Bamboo took four years, only three centimeters longer From year 5, it grew madly at 30 centimeters a day, and in just six weeks it grew to 15 meters. In fact, in the first four years, bamboo will root in the soil extended hundreds of square meters. EN+ , 5th anniversary today. Five years to start...
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  • As the guardians of our children, we are building a clean world for their childhood

    As the guardians of our children, we are building a clean world for their childhood

    Although the growth rate of the global new energy passenger vehicle market slowed significantly last year, it still exceeded the peak of 6 million. Market share firmly holds the top spot in the global market.   Established in 2005, Hong Kong Disneyland, as China's ...
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  • Does electric car really have radiation?

    Does electric car really have radiation?

    The rise of pure electric vehicles has allowed electric motors to reach hundreds of kilowatts of power, and some models are also equipped with dual motors, so will they have strong electromagnetic radiation and will long-term driving cause harm to the human body? I. Radi...
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  • Does electric vehicle charge frequently affect battery?

      Do you have such a question when using electric cars, will frequent charging shorten battery life? Residential properties allow residents to install charging piles. How to choose the right product?   1.Charge times and battery life At present, most electric vehicles use power batterie...
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  • Break through the darkness, and we will see the dawn.

    Break through the darkness, and we will see the dawn.

    At the opening of 2020, the streets are cheerless, the crowds are scattered, but the heart remained warm and touched. In this special period of China, those who silently devote for everyone are definitely the warmest beam of light in the gray time. Their self-giving actions inspire us to insist a...
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  • EN+ invites you to come to the eMove360 Fair in Munich during 15th~17th October.

    Welcome to our booth for more details about the EV chargers! EN+ will attend to the eMove 360 fair which will be held in Munich internaltional exhibition hall during 15th~17th October. At this time, we will present our new products published in this year, mainly include our 2nd generation 7KW Hom...
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