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Shenzhen Technologies LAT-plus Co, Ltd est ars innovative turba esuriens princeps industria dicata homilia Epiphaniae, cum suis headquarter sita in Shenzhen, Sinis.

Per continua technica innovatio et ipsum massa, sit amet elit crevit ad + en impetu vadens ad EV et facilitas solutions tradendam capax independens productum progressionem consilio est a uber traditio.


EN+ become the comprehensive strategic partner of LS Electric
In June 2020, EN+ signed to be the strategic partner of LS Electric, two parties will have deep cooperation in the field of charging facilities as well as the charging cloud platform. LS Electric, a subsidiary of the LG Group, is a pioneer of industrial electrical manufacturing in Korea and is ranked as the No. 1 manufacturer of industrial electrical automation products in Korea. South Ko...
As the guardians of our children, we are building a clean world for their childhood
Although the growth rate of the global new energy passenger vehicle market slowed significantly last year, it still exceeded the peak of 6 million. Market share firmly holds the top spot in the global market.   Established in 2005, Hong Kong Disneyland, as China’s first Disney theme park, has always attracted many tourists. In order to further improve the gaming experience,...
EN + Rare Opera 2018-11
Ut paululum cibi vehiculum refresh mundi. Somnia in corde meo, pedes in terra. Mar by MMXVIII: XIV ut iam multis dissipatis terris products / regions. (Romania, Austria, Germania, UK, Australia, Norway, Uruguay, India, Thailand, Korea, Hongkong, Graecia, Argentina) Per Iun MMXVIII, et implerem phialæ, et nubes suggestus supporting OCPP 1.6 communicationis protocol.
EN + Rare Opera 2018-01
Ut paululum cibi vehiculum refresh mundi. Somnia in corde meo, pedes in terra. LII distribui statio in stultum finem transmarinis fora a MMXVIII

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