Shenzhen EN Plus Technologies Co., Ltd. is one technique innovative company dedicated to EV charging industry, with its headquarter located in Shenzhen, China.

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Discover Your Business for EV Charging in Europe
As the shift towards electric mobility accelerates, so too does the demand for a more convenient, simplified charging experience. For businesses that are developing charging infrastructure – either to power their electric fleet or to offer employees and clients on-site charging – the need for a manageable, hassle-free charging solution is even more paramount. EN+ can help you assess all t...
New Product Releases: 30kW Wall-mounted DC EV Charger
Following the successful application of 20kW wall-mounted DC EV charger, EN Plus released the 30kW wall-mounted DC EV charger. It has higher charging current and higher time efficiency for safe charging in both outdoor and indoor environments. Let’s take a look. (20kW Wall-mounted DC EV Charger Application   —   CE Certificate) Colour Aesthetics – Serene White + Premiu...
How to Build Your Wireless Mesh Charging Network?
Each charger has a built-in Wi-Fi module which is compliant with OCPP communication protocol. Wireless Mesh technique is applied to chargers by making use of the wireless communication, which greatly saves the installation cost by removing communication wires between chargers. To establish a Wireless Mesh network, you can setup maximum 8 chargers as a group. If there are more than 8 charg...
Realize the Smooth Scaling of Charging Services with Software
Since EN Plus was founded, it has stayed focused on a few core principles: unparalleled product quality , responsive service and a great charging experience. These elements are in our solutions and in the mind of everyone. In this post, we explain why these principles are so important to us and how we bring them out into the charging industry through our work. Many companies begin their EV cha...

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