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Shenzhen EN Plus Technologies Co., Ltd. is one technique innovative company dedicated to EV charging industry, with its headquarter located in Shenzhen, China.

Ta hanyar ci gaba da fasaha bidi'a da kuma sayar da jari, EN + ya girma ya zama wani sana'a maroki ga EV caji makaman da mafita, iya zaman kanta ci gaba daga samfurin zane zuwa samfurin bayarwa.

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High-Power and Safe Charging, EN+ Technology Focus On Green Travel
The construction of new energy vehicle charging piles, as one of the important elements of new infrastructure construction, provides convenience for more and more new energy vehicle owners, and also provides green kinetic energy for building a smart transportation network. Recently, EN+ Technology has helped Shenzhen to build a high-power DC charging station, which is located at the geometri...
Electric Charging with Load Balancing for Home or Office
Electric charging with Load Balancing for home or office, also known as electric charging by means of power distribution, means that the available power from the grid connection is automatically distributed to all connected charging stations. How does this work? The charging station analyzes the power that is available at that time and the amount the vehicles need. Thanks to smart technology, t...
Commercial Charging Solution for Your Business
Twin Series Pedestal EV Charger is designed for commercial place to have two output sockets, which can charge two electric vehicles simultaneously. Compliant with the industrial standards, the charger use MID certified meter to ensure accuracy and built-in RCD to secure safety. The 2x22kW AC output, supporting commercial vehicles, public transport and Taxi for superfast charging. The charger...
Discover Your Business for EV Charging in Europe
As the shift towards electric mobility accelerates, so too does the demand for a more convenient, simplified charging experience. For businesses that are developing charging infrastructure – either to power their electric fleet or to offer employees and clients on-site charging – the need for a manageable, hassle-free charging solution is even more paramount. EN+ can help you assess all t...

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