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Foothill Transit and Porterville Transit, two agencies that are participating in a smaller infrastructure pilot for transit buses, were at the event. Last year, Foothill signed an agreement with SCE under the pilot to install a bank of electric bus charging stations to power their 14 zero-emission plug-in electric buses. In Porterville, SCE is installing EV charging infrastructure to support 10 new electric buses.

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The proposed amendment change, which on Tuesday got the first of two City Council approvals needed to become law, says staff will review and OK applications as long as they comply with criteria laid out in the ordinance. An application may be sent to the city’s Development Plan Review Board if it deviates from the approved building standards, said Jennifer Williams, associate planner for San Dimas.

That’s led to some confusion, and many journalists believed (and reported) that the Niro EV was capable of charging at 100kW. The reason for the confusion is that Kia released press materials that list the Niro EV’s charging time to 80% as "1 hour @ 100 kW EVSE". That’s technically correct, but introducing the "100 kW" definitely caused many in the industry to believe the Niro EV could charge at 100 kW.

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These 11 stations would help most EVs travel the state’s major highways and reach the state’s biggest tourist attractions. I don’t know what kind of funds the city has, but working together with the state and other cities receiving funds, this seems like a very modest proposal that could make an outsized impact.

Ruesselsheim’s electric plan won one of the highest grants under the German transport ministry’s clean air program. But local officials described some of the complications in implementation.

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ChargePoint’s new stations utilize Tritium’s 50kW VeeFil RT stations that provide Level 3 DC fast charging in a very compact, familiar footprint. Having said that, the new station serves as a sharp reminder of just how much work we have to do to build out the EV charging network. Leaning on government grants and funding to install the charging stations the drivers of the world need simply doesn’t feel sustainable. Considering that Tesla still has such a small percentage of the vehicles on the road and yet they already need 18 stations at this single location, operating at 2.5 times the speed, the gap is significant.

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By the turn of the century, however, electric vehicles had become so popular they made up one-third of all vehicles on the road. Thomas Edison was even working to improve battery technology, and the founder of Porsche had already invented the first hybrid motor, which ran on battery power and gas.

The footage is horrifying – yet, somehow, even though the pickup was burned to a crisp, no one was really hurt.

That ethos of being an uncompromising Audi is everywhere, from the quality of the interior, to the extensive options list. Certainly, as far as five-seat SUVs go, the Audi e-tron is right up there as one of the most sumptuous on the road. It also weighs 2.4 tons, so it’s a big beast. 

Paul Eisenstein is a freelancer for CNBC. His travel and accommodations for this article were paid for by Electrify America.

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