Chevron Dabbles In EV Charging, Installs EVgo Fast Chargers At Select Stations | Fast Ev Charger

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It’s not a concern when running errands or commuting to work, but hitting the open road has been a different story. At least, until now.

“Charging infrastructure will increasingly become the crucial factor for the rapid breakthrough of e-mobility in Germany. Charging an electric car must become just as easy and normal as charging a smart phone. This is why we need significantly more charging stations in public spaces and simple rules for the installation of private Wallboxes. Volkswagen intends to send out a signal and is becoming involved in the development of charging infrastructure at all levels,”

Partnering with Walmart gives the company an easily identifiable place for EV owners to go to get their vehicles charged. There multiple benefits to the Walmart partnership as it allows users to shop at the store or head over to other locations, such as restaurants, that are often near a Walmart.

VW GolfImport price: $21,500CO2 tax: $3,750NOx tax: $260Weight tax: $2,500Value-added tax: $7,000Total retail cost: $35,000 (all other fees included)

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The apps aren’t the most sophisticated either – when we’re living in the era of Uber or Citymapper – some apps don’t really come up to muster when it comes to charging your car. Like many car parking apps, Electric Highway feels dated when you come to use it. 

Sized a little larger than Audi’s popular Q5 SUV, the five-passenger e-tron drives and functions much like its gas-engine peers, only it’s quieter, more refined and free of emissions. The e-tron is priced from $74,800 ($67,300 after the tax credit), which is a bit more than the Jaguar I-Pace and less than the Tesla Model X. But versus those rivals,  the e-tron offers more capability, in terms of a 4,000-pound tow rating and standard roof rails.

Charging an electric truck or bus at a fleet depot—or an electric car at an apartment, workplace, or a public fast-charging station—should be far cheaper than filling up on gasoline or diesel. Unfortunately, that’s often not the case at sites that receive electricity under utility rates designed for commercial buildings and industrial operations that don’t reflect the flexible nature of electric vehicle (EV) charging. To remedy this mismatch, Southern California Edison (SCE) and Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E), two of the largest utilities in the nation, have developed an innovative suite of rates designed specifically for commercial EV charging, providing significant fuel cost savings to customers who charge EVs in a manner that supports the electric grid.

“I was just surprised how easy it was to own,” she said. “Even the cheapest ones are a pleasure to drive.”

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SCE launched Charge Ready Transport, a program that aims to add charging stations for medium- and heavy-duty electric vehicles at a minimum of 870 commercial sites within the utility’s 50,000 square-mile service area. The recent event helped explain to local fleet owners details of the program and the enrollment process.

The funding will provide a range of solutions which include the upfront financing for local authorities, OEMs, and bus and other fleet operators. 

Purdy began researching the options and presented information to the Utilities Committee, comprised of four city councilors. The city could purchase its own station for around $10,000 including fees, with some fees occurring annually. The other option called for leasing the network for one, three or five years.

To fulfill this target, XCharge will entrust SSE Australia as one of its overseas business partners for regional distribution of its charging products, including the upcoming 350 kW liquid cooled HPC chargers, as well as establishing a wide-coverage local maintenance network in the country.

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