How to Build Your Wireless Mesh Charging Network?

Each charger has a built-in Wi-Fi module which is compliant with OCPP communication protocol.

Wireless Mesh technique is applied to chargers by making use of the wireless communication, which greatly saves the installation cost by removing communication wires between chargers.

To establish a Wireless Mesh network, you can setup maximum 8 chargers as a group. If there are more than 8 chargers, more groups need to be setup. There is no limit to the charger quantity in total.

Wireless Mesh Solution

A 4G router is recommended to be installed at the center of all chargers or at a position with the best 4G signal coverage. The 4G router could be supplied and it can be installed inside the charger. To keep a stable Wi-Fi connection, the distance between 4G router and the nearest charger should be less than 50 meter. If there are walls or obstacles in between, the distance should be kept less than 20 meter. Same requirement for the distance between two nearby chargers.

In each group, one charger with the best connection to 4G router is selected as Root, and the other chargers act as Node. All chargers communicate with each other by means of Wi-Fi and access to the 4G router through the Root. The Root also communicates with the 4G Router by means of Wi-Fi. The Router communicates with the Cloud by means of Ethernet or 4G, which is up to your decision according to the installation environment.


*Less installation cost. No need to layout or connect wires between chargers and save labor cost.

*More reliable network. If one charger breaks, nearby chargers will automatically recover connection with another charger within 50 meter distance and keep functioning.

*Extendable quantity. More charger groups can be added in, as long as the root charger in each group is within 50 meter distance from the 4G router.

*Faster network access. All chargers are programmed to find the most efficient path to transmit the data to the Cloud.

Post time: Jan-22-2021

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