Dump Truck DC Fast Charging Solution in Shenzhen

In recent years, the call for low-carbon and environmental protection has become higher and higher, and the pollution caused by construction to the living environment should not be underestimated. The electrification of construction vehicles usher in new opportunities for development.

On October, 2020, a large-scale engineering vehicle charging station, Shenzhen Pingshan Charging Station, entered the trial operation stage. The charging station occupies a total area of more than 10,000 square meters, with an installed capacity of up to 15,000kVA. It can be used for 100 pure electric dump trucks. All of the charging stations installed here are from EN Plus. It adopts the 120kW and 240kW DC charging station combination solution.

After all electric buses and taxis have been electrified in Shenzhen, it is striving to promote the electrification of engineering vehicles represented by dump trucks. As of the end of April 2020, the number of pure electric dump trucks in operation in Shenzhen reached 3,700, and pure electric dump trucks have become one of the main models of construction waste transportation. According to calculations, the fuel emissions of a dump truck are equivalent to 70 private cars, and 100 pure electric dump trucks can save 4 million liters of fuel a year, which is equivalent to reducing carbon dioxide emissions by 10,000 tons.

“We have to provide supporting services for it and contribute to the strength of the” Shenzhen Blue. ” The relevant person in charge of EN Plus Technologies company said. Now 68 units DC 120kW and 240 kW charging station had be built here, and we have also provided comprehensive after-sales service. Compared with ordinary residential charging station, Its single station has higher power and faster charging speed. And EN Plus charging stations are equipped with constant power charging modules. They can greatly increase the charging power under different voltages, and shorten the charging time of the vehicle. So It can not only charge pure electric dump trucks, but also meet the charging needs of heavy electric trucks. 

Shenzhen Pingshan Charging Station will become a milestone project in the construction of large-scale engineering vehicle charging stations for EN Plus. We have made many beneficial attempts in Shenzhen all the time. 

EN Plus pays great attention to the safety of charging station. Our products have nine protection design functions,such as over temperature protection, overload protection, over voltage protection and grounding protection, etc. In order to be able to adapt to the mainstream models on the electric vehicle market, EN Plus has passed the testing of charging station by many OEM factories such as BYD, Great Wall, BAIC, etc., 

In response to the demand for DC fast charging in the European market, EN Plus launched the Rocket FC120 series DC charging stations, which have two CCS2 DC connectors, which can charge two electric vehicles at the same time. It can not only meet safe charging operations in different environments, but also can flexibly configure power output, such as 60kW and 120kW. Rocket FC120 is a reliable choice for outdoor fast DC charging. Learn more about Rocket FC120 DC Charging Station

Low-carbon travel has embarked on a popular trend, in order to create a better living environment, the electrification process will lead the pioneer of the times. Just as our vision has always been: Refresh the vehicle,refresh the world.


Post time: Oct-20-2020

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