Parking Lot Charging Solution for Shenzhen Qianhai HOP international Shopping Center

Qianhai District is the Oriental Manhattan built by Shenzhen with a huge sum of 400 billion. It has a dual-function positioning of CBD and TBD. Thousands of companies are stationed. With the advantages of the resources of the Greater Bay Area, the transportation here is developed and people can enjoy convenient travel throughout the city. Shenzhen Qianhai Hop International Center is located in the core of Qianhai.

It integrates special catering, leisure and entertainment, and living facilities. It does not close at zero hours and extends the business operation time. It covers the blank of night culture and business in the urban area, and provides a holy place for young people who are full of vitality in the city.

Qianhai Hop International

In order to actively respond to the country’s call for the comprehensive construction of electrified travel, its underground parking lot has been strictly equipped with complete new energy charging facilities. At present, all the charging stations in the underground garage have been checked and accepted. Now it can be put into use immediately.

parking lot charging

EN Plus provides a hardware and software integrated charging solution for Qianhai HOP International Shopping Center, which easily help to realize an unattended intelligent operation mode. The 7kW business single-phase AC charging station used in this solution can support multiple charging start methods such as scanning code, swiping card. Users can easily charge without downloading an APP. The charging station is equipped with an LCD display to display real-time charging dynamic data, which allows users to learn the charging dynamics more clearly. The low-power design of the charging station can effectively reduce operating costs. The standby power consumption is as low as 3W.


Real estate properties have many problems in parking and charging operations, such as scattered piles and high operating costs. The customized operation management system provided by EN Plus solves these problems. EN Plus operation management platform has many functions such as equipment monitoring, operation and maintenance management, fund settlement and data aggregation, etc. At the same time, it can meet the needs of customers to access a third-party management platform, and have the ability to interface with parking lot management systems and government supervision platforms.

EN Plus Charging Sttation

In order to broaden the profit model of real estate property operators, EN Plus can provide the advertising charging station that integrates charging and advertising. The advertising charging station can be customized with a 32-inch/43-inch high-definition display. The display adopts IPS hard screen, which makes the appearance more concise. This charging station is suitable for commercial buildings, urban complexes and other places with heavy traffic. It can release multimedia information through local and remote update methods, support access to the network, and achieve wireless network coverage.

Advertising Station

Start with technology, stand on quality, and proficient in service. EN Plus focuses on the field of new energy vehicle charging for many years. We can provide customers with integrated customized services of hardware and software systems. So far, our products have been distributed in more than 25 countries and regions around the world.


Post time: Nov-18-2020

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