Cloud Network Convergence Solution for EV Charging

With the further increase in the promotion of new energy vehicles, it has driven the rapid development of the construction of electric vehicle charging stations. Due to the scattered locations, large number and wide coverage of charging facilities, in order to ensure user experience and operational efficiency, it is necessary to provide services such as charging navigation, status query, charging reservation, and fee settlement. 

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To provide these services, it is necessary to network these charging facilities and build a charging intelligent service platform. Through the integration of cloud and network, operators can realize independent control and information transmission of charging equipment, business operation and management monitoring, and build an interconnected big data platform.

The charging station networking scheme mainly has three methods: CAN, Ethernet, and 4G, which generally have shortcomings such as unstable communication, small coverage, low transmission rate, poor anti-interference ability, and high traffic cost.

Cloud Platform

1、 Using CAN bus to build a network, although the equipment cost is low, it is necessary to lay a dedicated communication cable. As the number of nodes and transmission distance increase, the communication rate drops rapidly, and the total cost is relatively high.

2、 Using Ethernet to build a network, the integrated wiring cost is high, the workload is large, each charging station group needs at least one multi-port switch, so the total cost is very high.

3、 Using 4G single staion networking, the signal is susceptible to environmental interference, the cumulative traffic cost is high, the operation and maintenance workload is large. These all lead to higher total cost.

For different charging facilities and user needs, EN Plus has put forward differentiated solutions based on years of experience in the EV charging industry.

  • For distributed charging stations in residential areas and work place parking lots, the mobile data access services of operators are mainly used, such as GPRS,3G/4G/5G, etc. The main advantages of wireless communication are to provide fast and simple access, no complicated wiring, high flexibility, and low construction cost. The single station is automatically connected through the GPRS/4G network, and establishes a connection with the monitoring operation center of the charging operators.

Parking Lot

At the same time, for some scenarios where the wireless network cannot be used normally due to weak public network signal coverage or other reasons, EN Plus adopts the wireless MESH self-organizing network design, which can realize the single-station networking function without the layout of the wired network and the limitation of 4G signals. It can effectively improve operation efficiency, and facilitate the management and maintenance of pile clusters.

Wireless Mesh Network

  • For the charging infrastructure in public service areas such as public transportation, rental, sanitation, logistics, and highways, the construction of centralized charging stations is generally the main focus. The charging stations use Ethernet, 4G, CAN and other communication methods to form a local area network, and then use the industrial router as a unified gateway to connect to the private network or the Internet, and finally establish a connection with the monitoring operation center of the oprators. It can achieve two-way transmission between the charging facility and the monitoring operation center


(1)Through the channel between the charging station and the monitoring center built by the router, the center can not only monitor the voltage, current, power and other operating parameters of charging stations in real time, but also monitor the status of the charging stations. If there is an alarm or failure, it can be maintained in time;


(2)If the site has the conditions for a wired network, the industrial router can be connected to the network as a wired router. If not, you also can choose the 3G/4G wireless network access method, which fully guarantees the flexibility of wired network access.


Post time: Nov-25-2020

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