Hong Kong Disneyland EV Charging Application Case

Although the growth rate of the global new energy passenger vehicle market slowed significantly last year, it still exceeded the peak of 6 million. Market share firmly holds the top spot in the global market.



Established in 2005, Hong Kong Disneyland, as China’s first Disney theme park, has always attracted many tourists. In order to further improve the gaming experience, Hong Kong Disney has gradually attached importance to supporting facilities outside the park while improving its gaming facilities.

Based on the market penetration of new energy vehicles, Hong Kong Disney set out to solve the problem of supply of charging technology facilities in the park, so that tourists can enjoy a convenient and comfortable playing experience from entering the park to leaving the park.


Disneyland Hongkong


In order to better promote cooperation, EN + Technology has designed a smart charging system solution based on a full understanding of the electricity consumption characteristics of Hong Kong Disneyland. It uses 7kW operation version AC pile (European standard) to solve the charging requirements of vehicle owners and is equipped with charging application management The system addresses the needs of centralized operation and management of the park.


Hong Kong Disneyland is committed to creating a “fast-moving, slow-playing” vacation experience, with vehicles featuring long-term charging. Therefore, EN + Technology provides CE-certified 7kW charging piles, which are both cost-effective and practical, and can be perfectly adapted to mainstream models.


Considering the operation and management requirements of charging piles, EN + Technology also provides a charging management platform that supports OCPP1.6, which can easily manage the piles online, and also can access the parking lot management system, truly achieving the purpose of one-stop management.



EN + Technology hopes to use this cooperation to solve the charging needs of new energy vehicle owners when they play, provide tourists with more convenient transportation methods, and shorten the distance between us and the fairy tale world. After struggling in a busy city for a long time, it’s time to experience the wonderful world that my mother talked about as a child.


Post time: Mar-31-2020

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