Commercial Charging Solution for Your Business

Twin Series Pedestal EV Charger is designed for commercial place to have two output sockets, which can charge two electric vehicles simultaneously. Compliant with the industrial standards, the charger use MID certified meter to ensure accuracy and built-in RCD to secure safety.

EN+ 44kW Commerical EV Charger

The 2x22kW AC output, supporting commercial vehicles, public transport and Taxi for superfast charging. The charger can be connected to a charging network with the help of EN+ gateway. Multiple public chargers in one location can be integrated into the network with only one internet communication connection. And it is built for an extreme environment such as -30°C ice and snow season or 55°C hot and direct sunshine. There’s nothing to worry about. Its shell is made of galvanized steel and has a full range of anti-UV design. Its ingress protection reaches IP54.

Thanks to its vandal-proof and weather-resistant build, Twin Series Pedestal EV charger is ideal for both indoor and outdoor installation. With built-in Wi-Fi and 4G LTE, your stations can access uninterrupted remote updates and support. Plus, your stations are connected to enable efficient energy distribution amongst themselves and to simplify network management for you.

EN+ 2x22kW AC EV Charger

For operators, we optimises the charging process in the terms of performance, time and costs. Correctly integrated into the domestic power network, it continually monitors the power requirements of electric cars and the available output of the power supply.

Operators can use EN+ charging management system to track, manage and optimize EV chargers from wherever and whenever you please. And they can adjust the charging mode according to different charging scenarios. Through this platform, operators can analytics of their business growth.

EN+ Charging Management System

The Twin Series Pdestal EV chargers are complianted the OCPP protocol testing and get the CE certification. Attract new EV drivers and increase usage by publishing your EV chargers to public charging maps. Make money on those charging sessions to see a faster return on your investment. It fits right into your EV charging expansion plans.

For EV drivers, charging App is a simple yet smart park and pay platform. Using our App, drivers can book EN Plus smart EV chargers at the most convenient time and location, as well as pay for services securely online.

Post time: Apr-16-2021

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