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In recent years, thanks to the rapid development of the electric vehicle market and the most support of various countries’ policies, there is also a wave of construction in the field of charging infrastructure. China has become the world’s largest charging service network. However, the rapid development of the industry also brings many challenges to the current charging operation market. At present, some problems in the charging infrastructure have not been resolved, and the contradictions are still prominent. At the moment, public charging stations are facing the following major problems:

charging station

1. The operation and maintenance cost of charging stations is high, and the intelligence is insufficient, which leads to the need for regular inspections of charging equipment. A large amount of manpower investment and untimely maintenance will also lead to poor charging experience for users.

2. The life cycle of charging equipment is short, and the power and voltage of the charging station built in the early stage cannot meet the charging evolution requirements of future vehicles, resulting in a waste of initial station construction investment.

3. The low efficiency of the charging system affects operating income. Effectively improving the efficiency of the charging system has a very obvious effect on increasing the profitability of operators.

4. DC charging stations are noisy, which will affect the life of residential areas, and directly affect the site selection of the station. If you want to solve the noise problem, you need to invest more in product technology upgrades;

charging station DC

In order to solve the pain points faced by the charging infrastructure industry and improve the fast charging experience of electric vehicles, EN Plus’ DCM series power modules are designed from the perspective of “reliable, high-efficiency, energy-saving and low-consumption”. Now It has two versions of 30kW and 20kW.Power Module

High Efficiency:

The highest efficiency can reach 96.5%, and the average efficiency at full load is 95.5%. The loss is reduced through the application of high-efficiency control algorithms and low-loss devices. And through the smooth air duct design and intelligent fan control, the additional loss caused by heat dissipation is reduced and the optimal efficiency of the module is achieved.

Fault Warning:

It supports the expansion of charging stations with the same power. In the 300-1000Vdc voltage range, it can achieve a full range of constant power output, which can meet the evolution trend of high-voltage fast charging of vehicles in the future. In terms of intelligent operation and maintenance, the DCM series power module also brings new value experience to operators. Distributed temperature detection is performed through internal sensors to identify the blockage of the dust-proof net of the charging station and the blocked state of the module fan, and remotely remind the operator to implement accurate and predictable maintenance, eliminating frequent on-site inspections.


Low Harmonic:

Through active PFC and EMI input circuit to achieve AC input rectification filtering and power factor correction. It meets the IEC 61000-3-12 standard and obtains the current total harmonic content less than or equal to 2%, which greatly reduces the external electromagnetic radiation of the power module and further effectively reduces the use of invalid capacity on the grid side, reduces losses, and improves stability. At the same time, the efficiency of the equipment is improved and the life of the equipment is improved. The DCM series power modules can provide high-quality power supplements for charging vehicles.


Low Power Consumption:

In order to further optimize the static power consumption of the power module, EN Plus continuously optimizes the product solution, and finally the DCM series power module has a standby power consumption of less than 4.5W, which is far lower than the industry average power consumption level. It can effectively reduce energy loss when the charging stations are in standby.


EN Plus power module can be effectively used in multiple applications such as charging stations, power stations, photovoltaic aging equipment, etc. The products have been tested and certified for dust, high humidity, and high salt spray. They has been tested for a long time in many places to verify the long-term reliability of the module in different harsh environment. It greatly reduces the operation and maintenance costs of operators and provides customers with stable and reliable power solutions.

Post time: Nov-30-2020

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