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How retailers can enhance customer loyalty with EV charging

Last Updated: 29/02/2024

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How retailers can enhance customer loyalty with EV charging


In today’s retail world, customer loyalty is key. Jumping on the electric mobility bandwagon and adding EV charging to retail spaces brings a host of benefits – more sales, happy customers and motivated employees.

Electric mobility on the horizon

The European Union’s latest proposal foresees a shift away from internal combustion engine car sales by 2035, aligning with the ambitious goal of a climate-neutral continent by 2050. A crucial step towards this vision involves substantial actions, including the widespread adoption of electric mobility.

The commitment to electric vehicles (EVs) is underscored by a substantial investment estimate. The build-out of EV-charging infrastructure is anticipated to require a cumulative investment of over €240 billion by 2030.

Despite economic challenges in 2020 due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the electric vehicle market witnessed unprecedented growth. This positive trend signals a transformative era for mobility, even as traditional internal combustion engine car sales faced a decline.

But that’s just the beginning. The EU proposal and expert forecasts point to a promising future for electric vehicles (EVs). As governments step up efforts to meet climate targets, the potential for larger EV markets is growing.

In the Sustainable Development Scenario and according to the IEA Stated Policies Scenario (STEPS), the worldwide projection for the proportion of electric car sales, based on current policies and firm objectives, has risen to 35% by 2030.

Electric vehicle stock by mode in the Stated Policies Scenario 2022 to 2030

Electric vehicle stock by mode in the Announced Pledges Scenario 2022 to 2030

Why should retailers join the EV revolution?

As the number of electric vehicles on the road increases, so does the demand for convenient and accessible EV charging. This surge opens up a wealth of opportunities, particularly for the retail sector.

Offering EV charging at your retail location can attract a new clientele – EV drivers. Currently, the most common places for EV charging are at home or at work. This is mainly because the public EV charging network isn’t as widespread as it should be. The fear of not having a convenient place to charge is a common concern among potential EV owners.

EV charging bliss: A win-win for customers and your business

It’s a perfect arrangement for them and for you. The longer EV drivers stay and recharge their car battery, the more they spend in your store. This creates the potential for a significant revenue stream for your business. It’s a win-win situation.

win win

Building customer loyalty

Keeping satisfied and loyal customers is a top priority for retailers. Meeting customer expectations is critical to achieving this goal, and providing EV charging at retail locations is increasingly becoming one of those expectations.

Integrating EV charging into loyalty programmes can be a valuable strategy. Rewarding customers for plugging in and charging their EVs not only strengthens relationships, but also fosters strong brand loyalty.

Bringing sustainability to your company

Electric mobility plays a vital role in the fight against climate change, as evidenced by proposed regulations for ICE cars and various incentives to support the EV revolution. This awareness is increasingly resonating with consumers.

A woman took a leaf

Customers value environmentally conscious businesses and prefer to support those that address environmental concerns. Installing EV charging points at your retail site positions your business as a sustainability leader, making it more attractive and resulting in greater customer satisfaction.

How can EV charging benefit retailers?

Electric vehicle charging has immense potential and offers lasting benefits for your business. Beyond the obvious benefits of new revenue streams and increased customer loyalty, your customers will appreciate the convenience of EV charging and supporting an environmentally conscious brand.

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