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FAW Toyota and EN Plus Achieve In-depth Cooperation

Last Updated: 24/01/2024

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FAW Toyota and EN Plus Achieve In-depth Cooperation

FAW Toyota and Shenzhen EN Plus Tech Co., Ltd. (short as “EN Plus “) reached an agreement of collaboration to address the market demand and improve the customer experience of EV charging.

EN Plus Tech Co., Ltd

Given the rapidly growing global demand for new energy vehicles, FAW Toyota’s forward-looking product portfolio in traditional and new EV fields has become increasingly prominent. In November 2022, FAW Toyota celebrated the production of its 10 millionth vehicle, marking a significant milestone for the leading automaker in terms of production volume and signaling the official launch of its new energy factory.

As a veteran player in the automotive manufacturing industry, FAW Toyota has invested significantly in the EV sector. The FAW Toyota New Energy Factory is its fifth vehicle manufacturing plant built on the new Toyota e-TNGA platform. This factory is equipped with the latest BEV platform. With its automated, digitized, and refined production management approach, the factory possesses flexible production and supply chain service capabilities. Its latest bZ series of electric vehicles is already generating buzz in the market.

EN Plus is a global new energy vehicle charging stations and operating platforms provider. Since its founding in 2015, the company has been committed to the R&D of EV charging solutions, including AC and DC charging stations, power modules, and integrated solutions of systems and software platforms. The company’s products and services, certified with UL, CE, CB, UKCA, and CQC, have reached more than 40 countries and regions, establishing the company as a renowned international charging station enterprise.

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As a representative enterprise of intelligent manufacturing in the EV charger industry, EN Plus has constructed the most advanced automated production line and adopted advanced digital management tools such as MES systems to achieve end-to-end management and monitoring of production, process, and quality. On the quality management front, EN Plus has certified the international automotive quality management standard IATF16949 and adheres to the German automotive quality management standard VDA6.3. These achievements have laid the foundation for EN+ Plus’s long-term collaboration with multiple well-known automakers, highlighting how its exacting standards in intelligent manufacturing, lean manufacturing, and flexible management match the philosophy of FAW Toyota.

Through this partnership, both parties will leverage their strengths to offer intelligent, convenient, and safe charging solutions for EV users in various scenarios.


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