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EN Plus Receives UL Certificate

Last Updated: 05/02/2024

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EN Plus Receives UL Certificate

EN Plus, a leading global EV charger manufacturer, announced today that its “Silk series” home charger had received UL certification for its level-2 North American 9.6kW EV charger variant. UL (Underwriters’ Laboratories) is an independent organization that tests and evaluates components and products to ensure they meet the highest safety standards.

The UL mark validates EN Plus’s design intent to provide a safe and easy-to-use North American intelligent EV charging solution that is better for the environment. The Silk Series Home charger is also available at a more accessible price point than many competitors on the market, supporting large-scale EV adoption.

The Silk Series Home charger includes a charging detection system, ergonomic designed NEMA-4 enclosure, self-diagnostics, and a universal SAE J1772-compliant connector with handshake communication safety.

Safety has been a core focus in developing EN Plus’s Silk series EV chargers. The UL mark affirms this commitment to safety and opens doors for EN Plus products to gain further popularity in new global markets. The Silk series range can now further support the USA and Canada as they continue to experience significant growth in sustainable electrification.

Established in 2015 in Shenzhen, EN Plus manufactures and supplies residential, commercial, and rapid EV charging stations worldwide. The brand is widely recognized in the EV sector for its strong involvement with large EV OEMs, EV charging operators, New Energy companies, and Real Estate verticals.

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