Shenzhen EN Plus Technologies Co., Ltd. is one technique innovative company dedicated to EV charging industry, with its headquarter located in Shenzhen, China.

fasiləsiz texniki yenilik və marketinq toplanması vasitəsilə EN + EV məhsul çatdırılması üçün məhsul dizayn müstəqil inkişaf etməyə qadirdir harada və həllər doldurulması üçün peşəkar təchizatçı olmaq artmışdır.


Realize the Smooth Scaling of Charging Services with Software
Since EN Plus was founded, it has stayed focused on a few core principles: unparalleled product quality , responsive service and a great charging experience. These elements are in our solutions and in the mind of everyone. In this post, we explain why these principles are so important to us and how we bring them out into the charging industry through our work. Many companies begin their EV cha...
A Real Boost to the EV DC Fast Charging Construction – Power Module
In recent years, thanks to the rapid development of the electric vehicle market and the most support of various countries’ policies, there is also a wave of construction in the field of charging infrastructure. China has become the world’s largest charging service network. However, the rapid development of the industry also brings many challenges to the current charging operation market. At pre...
Cloud Network Convergence Solution for EV Charging
With the further increase in the promotion of new energy vehicles, it has driven the rapid development of the construction of electric vehicle charging stations. Due to the scattered locations, large number and wide coverage of charging facilities, in order to ensure user experience and operational efficiency, it is necessary to provide services such as charging navigation, status query, chargi...
Wireless Mesh Ad-Hoc Network Intelligent Charging Solution
With the popularization of electric vehicles, charging stations have entered every corner of the city, and different charging station structures are different. With the development of smart grid and IoT technology, charging stations have become intelligent. In the field of new energy vehicle charging, the traditional networking communication technology is based on Ethernet or 4G. However, in so...

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