Charging Solution for the Public Charging Station

The charging solution is suitable for charging stations where centralized charging is required for social vehicle public parking lots. The charging equipment of the solution chooses EN Plus’ three-phase AC charging stations, integrated and split DC charging stations.


EN Plus’ solution is also equipped with a charging operation management system platform, which can not only meet the management needs of charging station operators, but also facilitate terminal users to grasp charging information in a timely manner. Operators can connect the charging stations through multiple communication methods such as Ethernet, 4G, CAN, etc.,  which can facilitate centralized management and control of the charging management platform.

Good Points:

1. High flexibility System, the charging stations can be directly connected to the cloud platform via Ethernet or wireless.

2. Flexible adaptation, charging stations are equipped with various charging products, users can freely combine, flexibly choose fast charging or slow charging, and allocate time reasonably.

3. Multiple start charging methods.  It can support credit card, mobile APP, WeChat, etc.

4. Strong compatibility. The charging management platform can be connected with the station management system or the government supervision platform. The charging station is equipped with multiple connectors, which can be compatible with European and Japanese standard new energy vehicles for charging.

5. Safe and reliable, the charging station not only has a variety of protection functions, but also has anti-dumping protection. When it inclines to more than 30 degrees, the charging station will automatically turn on power-off protection to ensure the safety and reliability of the charging process. The charging connector has a temperature detection function, which can prevent rabbits from overheating.

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