This charging solution is mainly suitable for scenarios where AC charging piles are centrally arranged in underground parking lots of communities and commercial buildings to solve the charging problem of electric vehicle users at home or at work.


The EV charging solution can be equipped with a charging operation management system platform and a cloud server platform. It can meet the management needs of charging station operators, and it can also facilitate the timely control of charging information for electric vehicle users. The equipped AC charging stations support multiple communication methods such as Ethernet, 4G, CAN, etc., which provides convenience for charging station operators to centrally control the management platform.

Good Points:

1. Save space and cost. The single-phase AC station of A4 paper size supports both wall-mounted and floor-mounted installation methods, which can be adapted to your installation conditions.
2. Low operating costs. Charging stations are managed in clusters through energy gateways, and each energy gateway can control 10 electric stations at a time, greatly reducing your operating costs.
3. Multiple start charging methods.  It can support credit card, mobile APP,  WeChat, etc.
4. Strong compatibility. The charging management platform can be connected with the parking lot management system or the government supervision platform.
5. Safe and reliable. The charging stations have a variety of protection functions to ensure the safety of the charging process.

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