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Caro Pro Series Home Wallbox

Caro Pro Series Home Wallbox embodies simplicity and environmental responsibility. Not only does this wallbox support PV charging, it also incorporates dynamic load balancing to relieve the grid during peak hours. By harnessing solar power for eco-friendly charging, it helps reduce electricity costs and meets your green objectives. Its intelligent load management ensures optimised energy use through seamless PV integration.

Remote O&M


PV Charging

Load Balancing



Plug & Play






Savings on Electricity Bills

Caro Pro Series allows smart charging with solar energy,it optimize electricity use with dynamic load management, reducing costs and enhancing power savings.

Modernizing Home EV Experience

Caro Pro features a convenient back plate design for easy cable access and installation. Its lightweight construction and 7m cable option make it the top choice for residential charging.

Your benefits

01. Easy/Convenient

  • 4.5kg Light Weight
  • Cable Length:7m(4m Optional)
  • 10mins Quick Installation
  • Wall-mount/Pole-mount(Optional)
  • Type2/ T2S Cable/Socket Connector

02. Flexible

  • Connectivity: Wi-Fi/4G/Ethernet/Bluetooth
  • Start Mode: Plug&Play, RFID Card, App
  • Rated Power: 7kW/22kW

03. Safety

  • IP65 Ingress Protection
  • IK10 Impact Protection
  • Muliti Electrical Protection

04. Smart Charging

  • Schduled Charging
  • Dynamic Load Management
  • Site Map Charger Finding
  • Charger Authorisation

05. Customizable Branding

  • White Label Service
  • Color Customized Service
  • ODM Service
  • OEM Service

06. PV Charging

  • 0 emission PV charging
  • Simple integration with PV systems
  • Adjustable current for optimized PV usage
  • Saving from electricity bills


Maximum Charging Power
Charge Connector
Start Mode
Safety Protection

FAQs for EN Plus EV Charger

Assuming an electric car consumes 15 kWh of electricity per 100 kilometers, our Saro Series Home Wallbox can provide the following ranges after 1 hour of charging:
7kW version: 46 kilometers
22kW version: 138 kilometers
You are able to monitor our Saro Series Home Wallbox through your mobile App, our Evchargo Cloud software system, and the Led Indicator on the charger.

This product is compatible with all Type 2 EV models.

Guidelines for Your EV Charger

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